ELEN 607 Advanced Analog Circuit Design Techniques

Spring 2014

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 Syllabus  2014

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Lectures Lect 1 Introduction and technology size considerations   , ref1, ref2 ,ref3,ref4, ref5, ref 6 on extracting transistor data

Lect 1D Stability considerations

Lect 1C Op Amp Limitations

Lect 1A 3 dB time constant computation

Lect 1B Op Amp Macromodeling

Lect 2' Conventional Op Amp Topologies

Lect Nested Gm-C Amplifiers: Examples and recent settling time techniques

Lect   2b Nested Gm-C For large load capacitance

Lect   2c Inverse Nested Gm-C

Lect 3 Line Drivers ( Output Amplifiers)

Lect 4 Bandgap and references

Lect 5 Low Voltage ( LV)Cells ref

Lect 5A  LV Current Source Implementation

Lect 5B Flipped Voltage Follower and Applications

Lect 6 Rail-to-rail Amplifiers

Lect 7 Fully Balanced Fully Symmetric Circuits; an example

Lect 8    Bulk Driven Circuits; a bulk bias design

Lect 9 Floating Gate Circuits, application

Lect 10 Noise: Fundamentals

Lect 11 LDO

Lect 13 Class D amplifiers

Lect 14A  Multipliers

Lect 14 Linearized OTAs

Lect 15 Negative Capacitor and Negative Resistor Implementations.

Lect 16 Common Mode Feedback Fundamentals and Implementations












HW1   sol1   HWsol 1 sol2      HW4 sol1 sol2   HW 5  HW6  HW 7

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